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Second Steep Story

Growing up in China, tea wasn’t just a drink I’d have on occasion -- it was integrated into my lifestyle. Tea gave me energy, and brought balance to my mind and body.

Unfortunately, teas sold in US supermarkets just weren’t the same quality. I had moved here to pursue a career in architecture, and found myself buying overly expensive teas in specialty shops to fuel my lifestyle.

Whenever I traveled to China, I’d peruse tea shops in my free time. It quickly became a hobby, and I’d discover new favorites to bring back and share with friends.

Seeing the opportunity to bring tea from China to the US, I left my architecture job and started building a career that I truly felt belonged to.

-Ping, Founder

What does Second Steep mean?

The meaning behind Second Steep comes from the Asian culture of steeping the tea multiple times, with the second steep being the most desired infusion. As predicated by thousands of years of Asian tradition and influence, Second Steep sources whole-leaf, premium quality teas that provide flavorful infusions beyond just one steep.

Second Steep – a brand that had been brewing for years is built on our passion for design, craftsmanship, and tea. Our goal and foundation relies on providing real information, advice, and Asian philosophy to elevate your tea drinking experience.

Come sip with us!